Weinergate II: Weiner Retraction

I was wrong.  I made assumptions.  I made mistakes.  I’ve hurt the people closest to me.  I, god help me, publicly stated in my last article that I thought Representative Anthony Weiner probably didn’t send the digital prickture that we’ve all heard so much about in the last week.  And I threw a bit of shit on the woman who went public with the photo and a slightly bigger gob of goo on a person who, evil as he most certainly is, didn’t have a hand in this particular swirling bowl of political sewage.

Representative Weiner held a press conference yesterday and came clean.  He copped to sending a great many inappropriate text messages to women not his wife.  Other photos have come to light including self shots of a completely smooth, ripped and bare-chested man with Weiner’s chin.  Put that photo together with the bonergram in the boxer briefs and I can only say this… that skinny, 50-year-old man is in incredibly good shape and I am not surprised that he’s sharing the visual evidence.  He could have saved everybody a bunch of time by simply sending the images directly to API, UPI and Reuters.

The representative made a nearly textbook statement of apology and contrition before the press hitting all of the high points of shame, personal reflection and broken trust as well as mapping out a future path that includes working to repair the damage to all of those hurt by his irresponsible digi-snaps.  It was so textbook and generic that for at least the first few minutes, he could have been apologizing for nearly anything.  It quite literally coul have come from a book of mad libs wherein he simply filled in the occasional noun or verb, color or number, pet or farm animal.

I hate being wrong about these things but worse, I hate that yet another one of the guys who I thought was an ok guy and a person fit to represent citizens in congress turns out to be a flawed, horny butthead.  The good news is that I knew a long time ago that John Edwards was a huge asshole and it is completely unlikely that anybody will have a press conference to contradict that fact.

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